Referral & Admission

There are four main criteria considered in determining acceptance into Opportunities For Independence Inc’s Residential, Community Living Support and Clinical assessment and treatment programs:

1. The client must be amenable to treatment as provided within Opportunities, Inc treatment milieu.

2. There must be a reasonable prognosis for change to more appropriate behaviours and lifestyles. In the process of determining amenability, the agency will consider a variety of relevant information. This can include the individual’s motivation towards treatment, past responses to treatment and support, appropriateness for the setting available within Opportunities For Independence, Inc., and factors such as accountability, levels of denial and distortion, as well as presence of addictions, and psychiatric diagnoses. Opportunities, Inc. determines amenability through interview with the referred individual and involved collateral agencies and individuals, and review of the referral information.

3. The client must be in conflict with the law, or at risk of becoming in conflict with the law. An Order of Probation, Parole, or an assessment of risk as provided by the referring agent is required at the time of referral.

4. The client must be suitable for community placement, i.e.: clients who possess recent histories of violent offenses, or offenses that would place others at extreme risk, may require an alternative to residential community based programming.

Referral and Application Form

Referral Process

A client may be referred to one or all of the components in Opportunities, Inc. program. Prior to acceptance, a review of referral information, collateral interviews, and an intake interview will be completed.