Risk & Skill / Needs / Functioning Assessment
The comprehensive risk and need assessment is administered by a qualified, Province of Manitoba registered Psychologist specializing in challenging behaviours and intellectual disability. Assessment is multi-faceted and includes structured interview, documentation review, collateral interview, administration of measures, and examination of inappropriate sexual behavior relevant to the treatment and control of sexual offending behaviors. The exhaustive review of offending history, current risk evaluation and profile, will lead to placement recommendations, treatment planning and an initial risk management strategy for the participant.

Individual Therapy
Clinically supervised psychological services address the needs of adults and adolescents with intellectual disabilities/special needs who are in conflict with the law or demonstrate problematic behaviors. Registered therapists assist participants to address inappropriate behaviors by utilizing a variety of individualized techniques and models. The structured, collaborative, goal-oriented approach focuses on an individuals presenting behavior and teaches specific skills and strategies for management.

Community Alternative Re-entry Program
This entry program is a clinically supervised, cognitive behavioral therapy service, providing needs and risk assessment, and group and individual counseling to intellectually disabled men who have committed a sexual offense, or, have demonstrated inappropriate sexual behaviors. OFI provides both group and individual sessions with Clinical Case Management support for the participants.

Cultural Programming
All OFI participants have access to an Aboriginal elder who offers traditional counseling and guidance. A traditional Sharing Circle is available along with regular sweat lodges and individualized sessions addressing issues in a culturally sensitive manner.

Peer Based Support Group
OFI has several peer-based support groups that provide a non-threatening and supportive environment for participants:

  • The Recovery Group focuses on alcohol and substance abuse issues.
  • The Problem Solving and Social Sexual Education Group is a treatment component acquainting individuals with group process, while teaching appropriate communication skills.
  • The Community Control Planning Support Group focuses on developing individualized relapse prevention techniques and offending control plans.
  • The Recreational and Community Access Activity promotes a healthy offense-free lifestyle by accessing appropriate community resources, recreational activities and alternative leisure options.
  • The Anger Management group allows participants to apply anger management techniques in real life interactions and use the skills in situations that may cause them to be in conflict with the law.